Friday, May 25, 2012

Nine months.

Today Elle turned 9 months and I can't believe it. She brings so much joy into our lives daily. We love her so much.

I can't believe she's really nine months. It makes me sad sometimes that she's not a baby baby anymore. I feel like she is getting so big too fast. I guess that's what happens, right ?

A few things she does as of late-
• crawls but it's more of a bear crawl (she wants to walk so bad)
• pulls up on everything all the time
• waves to everyone
• loves little kids and babies, she waves at them, likes/wants to play with them always
• drinks like a champ from a straw sippy cup
• just recently started eating food pretty well.. Not really into a spoon. She likes finger foods( chicken, turkey, peaches, bananas, bread, squeeze packets, yogurt, real oatmeal are the main foods she eats. She also likes graham crackers but I try to give those to her on rare occasions)
• loves eating ice
• does this hyper laugh/scream that's funny and adorable
• gives me kisses a lot
• started to dance when she hears music
• sleeping good is still a work in progress
• loves bath time and the pool
• takes fantastic naps in the jogging stroller
• we think she says mama a lot
• working on putting little pieces of food in her mouth and eating on her own on
• toys that play music she claps

Those are just some highlights for really me to remember.

Happy 9 months baby girl, we love you!!!

We are at the beach and here are some pictures from tonight. She was being very lively and funny at dinner , it was hilarious!

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